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Main Line Pediatrics


Healthy Kids, Happy Kids

Mission Statement

Feeding Your Infant


Bottle Feeding

Solid Foods

General Newborn Care

Appearance of Newborns

Care of the Newborn's Navel

Care of Newborn's Penis

Care of Newborn's Vagina

Diaper Rash

Sneezing, Noisy Breathing, & Spitting

Bowel Movements in Infants

Crying in Infants

Fussy Spells in Infants

Sleep Problems

Correcting Sleep Problems in Infants

Bathing Your Baby

Cradle Cap


Safety for Infants and Children

Car Safety

Safety for Newborns: Ages 0 to 12 Months

Safety for Children: Ages 12 Months to 2 Years

Safety for Children: Over Age 2


Emergency Aid for Choking Infants

Advice for Injury Prevention

Car Safety Seat

Common Childhood Illnesses


Common Cold

Fever and Taking Your Baby's Temperature

Ear Infections

Vomiting and Diarrhea


Pharyngitis (sore throat) and Strep Throat

Head Lice

Common Concerns

Pacifiers and Thumbsucking

Toilet Training


Bad Dreams and Night Terrors


How to Begin a Discipline Program

Guidelines for Setting Rules

Discipline Techniques

Guidelines for Discipline

Using Timeout for Behavioral Problems

Bed-Time Problem: Getting Out of Bed

Growth and Development


Birth to 5 Years Recommended Toys


Building Self-Esteem at Home

Building Self-Esteem at School

Fifteen Ways to Help Children Like Themselves

Healthy & Happy Teens

Healthy & Happy Teens