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Welcome to the Adolescent Health & Wellness Center at Advocare Main Line Pediatrics

Adolescence is that special time between childhood and adulthood when young people grow, change, explore, develop, learn, and experience life in new, exciting, and often challenging ways. The Adolescent Health & Wellness Center is a teen-centered, dedicated place where teens, tweens, and in-betweens are treated by physicians and nurse practitioners, who have special experience in caring for the medical, emotional, and behavioral issues that occur most often in adolescence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide sensitive and individually focused, comprehensive adolescent and young adult primary health care, enhancing our patients’ strengths and their ability to assume independence in their personal health care and wellness in their lives.

Our Philosophy

The Adolescent Health & Wellness Center operates under the medical direction of Eve Bosnick, MSN, CRNP, a certified nurse practitioner with more than 20 years of adolescent research and clinical practice experience. Focusing on comprehensive preventive care, including sexual and reproductive health, risk screening, and risk reduction, Eve’s care philosophy integrates psychosocial and developmental factors into assessing illness and promoting wellness.

Erin Daly, RN, BSN serves adolescents and their families with comprehensive, holistically based care and an emphasis on total health and wellness.

Patients of The Adolescent Health & Wellness Center have access to the highly experienced physicians of Advocare Main Line Pediatrics, as well as specialists in nutrition, psychoeducation and behavioral health, sports medicine, endocrinology, and gynecology. We are medical professionals working together to achieve the best outcomes for every adolescent. We believe that we can best serve our patients by building long-lasting relationships based on trust and respect for the special needs of adolescents.

Tweens (ages 10–12) entering adolescence need to develop a special relationship with their health care provider that includes time to talk about private concerns.

Teens (ages 13–19) need sensitive and confidential care that gives them access to health information and support.

In-betweens (ages 20–23) need help transitioning into adulthood with the skills and confidence to care for themselves.

The Adolescent Health & Wellness Center teaches teens, tweens, and in-betweens to practice preventive measures that help them mature into safe and responsible adults. We work to get young people in the habit of living well.